knowledge will Greatly increase

(4) But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the scroll until the end of time. Many will go back and forth and search anxiously [through the scroll], and knowledge [of the purpose of God as revealed by His prophets] will [greatly] increase.”

Daniel 12:4


Body’s stem cells lead to tooth regeneration

People who have lost some or all of their adult teeth typically look to dentures, or more recently, dental implants to bridge the gap between a toothless appearance.

But this appearance can have a host of unsettling psycho-social ramifications and a tooth-filled grin that is not without pain and discomfort.

Despite being the preferred treatment for missing teeth today, dental implants can fail and have no ability to “remodel” with surrounding jaw bone, which undergoes necessary and unavoidable changes throughout a person’s life.

But a new technique pioneered in the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Laboratory of Dr. Jeremy Mao, Edward V. Zegarelli Professor of Dental Medicine, and a professor of biomedical engineering at Columbia University, can orchestrate the body’s stem cells to migrate to three-dimensional scaffold that is infused with growth factor. This can yield an anatomically correct tooth in as soon as nine weeks once implanted in the mouth.

“These findings represent the first report of regeneration of anatomically shaped tooth-like structures in vivo,  and by cell homing without cell delivery,” Dr. Mao and his colleagues said in the paper.

“The potency of cell homing is substantiated not only by cell recruitment into scaffold microchannels, but also by regeneration of a putative periodontal ligaments newly formed alveolar bone.”

Dental implants usually consist of a cone-shaped titanium screw with a roughened or smooth surface and are placed in the jaw bone. While implant surgery may be performed as an outpatient procedure, healing times vary widely and successful implantation is a result of multiple visits to certified clinicians, including general dentists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists and periodontists.

Implant patients must allow two to six months for healing and if the implant is installed too soon, it is possible that the implant may move which results in failure. The subsequent time to heal, graft and eventually place a new implant may take up to 18 months.

The work of Dr. Mao and his laboratory, however, holds manifold promise: a more natural process, faster recovery times, and a harnessing of the body’s potential to regrow tissue that will not give out and could ultimately last the patient’s lifetime.

By homing stem cells to a scaffold made of natural materials and integrated in surrounding tissue, there is no need to use harvested stem cell lines, or create a an environment outside of the body (e.g., a Petri dish) where the tooth is grown and then implanted once it has matured.

The tooth instead can be grown “orthotopically,” or in the socket where the tooth will integrate with surrounding tissue in ways that are impossible with hard metals or other materials.

“A key consideration in tooth regeneration is finding a cost-effective approach that can translate into therapies for patients who cannot afford or who aren’t good candidates for dental implants,” Dr. Mao said. “Cell-homing-based tooth regeneration may provide a tangible pathway toward clinical translation.”

This study is published in the Journal of Dental Research, a top journal in the field of dentistry.

This research was supported by NIH ARRA Funding via 5RC2 DE020767 from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.


Nibiru – Star of Heaven – 16 Februari 2017


Video untuk 16 Februari 2017 nibiru▶ 23:42

Tahun 2016 lalu, Badan Antariksa Amerika Serikat (NASA) mendeteksi sebuah objek langit, entah komet atau asteroid, yang mengarah pada Bumi.

Dari reflektifitas dan orbitnya, objek tersebut mirip komet. Namun, kekurangan karakteristik debu dan gas.

Objek itu dinamai 2016 WF9. Meski baru dijumpai, ia sejatinya cukup lama berkelana di angkasa luar.

Selama sekitar 4,9 tahun, ia melakukan perjalanan ke dalam Tata Surya, melewati bagian bawah sabuk asteroid utama dan orbit Mars, hingga ia berayun ke dalam orbit Bumi.

Objek tersebut ditemukan oleh misi NEOWISE NASA. Ukuran 2016 WF9 relatif besar, antara 0,3 to 0,6 mil atau 0,5 hingga 1 kilometer.

Objek tersebut sangat gelap, hanya merefleksikan sekian persen cahaya yang jatuh di permukaannya.

“Objek yang mereka sebut sebagai WF9 meninggalkan sistem Nibiru pada Oktober 2016 — saat Nibiru mulai berputar melawan arah jarum jam di sekitar Matahari,” kata dia seperti dikutip dari Daily Mail, Jumat (27/1/2017).

NASA membantah isu yang beredar tentang 2016 WF9 yang bisa memicu bencana katastropik.

NASA tak menemukan bukti objek angkasa itu akan menabrak Bumi.


Hal ini suatu bukti bahwa Bapa Yeshua tidak akan menghancurkan bumi karena Dia sudah berfirman.. dan FirmanNya…. Ya dan Amien…

Edom – Amalek – Obama – New York – Disaster – 16 February 2017

Temple of Ba’al Arch Erected for World Government Summit in Dubai

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz February 16, 2017 , 12:30 pm


A replica of a Roman arch that once stood in front of the pagan Temple of Ba’al was erected for the World Government Summit in Dubai this week, creating a scene that one rabbi claims symbolizes the dangerous fusion of Ishmael and Edom against Israel.

The original Roman Victory Arch stood for 1,800 years in Palmyra, Syria, until it was destroyed by ISIS in October 2015. A full-size 28-meter tall replica of the arch was created last year by the Institute for Digital Archeology, a joint project of Oxford and Harvard universities, and has been displayed twice before.

The replica was erected for the opening of the World Government Summit that opened on Sunday in Dubai. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the summit  is an international organization for global dialogue where leaders in government, business, and technology discuss how governments operate and how policies are made.

The first summit, held in 2013, was attended by former US President Barack Obama, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and other world leaders.

“The Arab desire to rule the world is part of their religion and that is also very Roman,” continued Rabbi Winston. “World rule is also the religion of the rich and powerful.”

The motive behind world rule can sound altruistic, but Rabbi Winston noted a critical distinction.

“The desire to fix the world and to make it a better place resembles a Messianic movement,” the rabbi said. “But unless it is based in God, it is twisted and turns destructive because it is based on ego. It has always attracted secular academia because it aggrandizes Human Intellect over the One who rules over us all.”

The reproduction appeared for the first time in London on April 19 during the UNESCO Heritage Week, which coincided disturbingly with Beltane, a major pagan festival for worshiping Ba’al. The arch appeared again in New York City’s City Hall Park in September.

New York – Iran – Repentance – 16 February 2017

Netanyahu, Trump news conference

President Donald Trump has announced that US Middle East policy is no longer wedded to the two-state solution.

Speaking at a joint press conference at the White House, at the conclusion of his meeting with PM Netanyahu, the American President said he doesn’t care whether a peace agreement is based on a one state or two state solution, as long as it works. “I’m looking at two states and one state. I am very happy with the one that both parties like. I thought for a while the two state might be easier to do, but honestly if Bibi and the Palestinians, if Israel and the Palestinians are happy, then I am happy with the one they like the best,” Trump said.

He also said that both parties understood that any peace agreement entails compromise from both sides.

The press conference…

12:33 p.m. The president said that the Israelis are going to have to show new flexibility if they want to achieve a peace agreement. He said there’s “no way” a deal can be made if they can’t acknowledge Israel’s existence.

12:28 p.m. Mr. Trump said he’s open to a two-state or one-state solution as part of a peace deal. 

“I like the one that both parties like,” he said. “I can live with either one.”

As far as his promise to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Mr. Trump said, “I’d love to see that happen. We’re looking at it very, very strongly. We’re looking at it with great care.”

Netanyahu said that there are two prerequisites for a peace agreement with the Palestinians, which is that they must recognize the Jewish state and that Israel must be able to keep security control of the West Bank. The prime minister is the reason why they don’t have peace is because Palestinians consistently call for the destruction of Israel.

Netanyahu said that he’s interested in a “regional approach from involving our newfound Arab partners in pursuit of a broader peace and peace with the Palestinians.”

12:23 p.m. Both leaders were asked about their positions on Iran, Flynn and their positions on West Bank settlements. Mr. Trump called Flynn, who resigned as his national security adviser on Monday night, wonderful and that he was treated “very, very unfairly by the media,” which he then called “the fake media.”

The president said that he asks Israel to “hold back on settlements for a little bit.”

Netanyahu said, “We’ll try,” and Mr. Trump said that didn’t sound too optimistic.

12:20 p.m. Netanyahu thanked Mr. Trump for the ‘truly warm hospitality” and said, “I deeply value your friendship.”

“Israel has no better ally than the United States and I want to assure you that the United States has no better ally than Israel. Our alliance has been remarkably strong, but under your leadership, I’m confident it will get even strong,” the prime minister said.

Netanyahu said he hopes to work closely with the U.S. on enhanced security and cyber programs.

He said that both of their nations are under attack “by radical Islamic terror” and that Mr. Trump has shown great courage in confronting that problem.

“Under your leadership, I believe we can reverse the rising tide of radical Islam…Israel stands with you and I stand with you,” Netanyahu said.

12:15 p.m. The president said he has welcomed his “friend” Netanyahu to the White House. He said his visit represents their nations’ “unbreakable bond” and that their shared values have advanced freedom and peace.

“The state of Israel is a symbol to the world of resilience in the face of oppression,” Mr. Trump said. “We will never forget what the Jewish people have endured.”

The president said that the security challenges Israel faces are “enormous” including Iran’s nuclear ambitions, calling the nuclear deal “one of the worst deals” he’s ever seen.

“Our security assistance to Israel is currently at an all-time high,” he said. “We have a long history of cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the fight against those who don’t cherish human life.”

Mr. Trump said that the U.S. rejects one-sided actions by the United Nations against Israel as well as boycotts against Israel. He expressed his desire to work toward a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians. The president made it clear that both parties must the ones who negotiate and that both sides must make compromises.

12:00 p.m. A joint press conference between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to begin at the White House. The event is a bit unusual because unlike other visits from foreign leaders, the news conference will precede their bilateral meetings, taking place just minutes after Netanyahu is scheduled to arrive.…/latest-trump-news-today-february1620


“Nibiru 20 Shvat (16 Feb) 5777 in bible code Glazerson” di YouTube


Kita lihat apa yang terjadi di tanggal 20 Shvat atau 16 februari 2017..  di tahun ibrani 5777..

Akan kah bintang yang berasal dari Jacob.. Star of heaven.. Nibiru akan membuat bencana di New York secara fisik atau dalam bentuk lain.. atau mungkin secara roh..

Saya percaya dengan bible code.. walaupun secara fisik sering tidak seperti yang kita bayangkan.

Karena apa  yang tidak pernah dilihat oleh mata, dan tidak pernah didengar oleh telinga, dan yang tidak pernah timbul di dalam hati manusia: semua yang disediakan Tuhan untuk mereka yang mengasihi Dia….

Tetapi yang pasti adalah penebusan (teshuwah=Repentance) anak anak Tuhan hanya ada di dalam nama Yeshua.. bukan dengan nama yang lain.. Amien

Nabi Elia Kunjungi Rabbi Dengan Pesan: “Empat Gerbang Kemurahan Hati sudah Tertutup, Tetapi Satu Terbuka”

“Lihatlah aku akan mengirimkan Elia sang nabi sebelum datangnya hari besar dan mengerikan dari Hashem.” Maleakhi 3:23 (The Israel Bible ™)

Sabtu malam, seorang rabi mistik jatuh tak sadarkan diri dan menerima penglihatan ilahi yang memperingatkan gerbang surgawi tertutup, yang membawa masa penderitaan global. Penglihatan mengungkapkan bahwa salah satu pintu gerbang telah dibuka paksa sementara oleh nabi Elia, tetapi kunci untuk menjaga gerbang yang terbuka adalah di tangan rakyat.

Pada Sabtu malam, Rabbi Amram Vaknin, seorang rabi mistis terkenal dari Asdod, tiba di rumah adiknya di Asdod untuk melakukan pelayanan Havdallah di akhir hari Sabat. Di tengah mengatakan berkat, dia jatuh di dalam ketidak sadaran diri. Dia berbaring selama kurang lebih 20 menit, kadang-kadang mengerang dan bergumam. Di tengah ketidak sadarannya, ia berbicara, memberikan pesan yang  jelas untuk seluruh Israel.

“Aaah, Yerusalem,” rabbi mengerang. “Doakan Jerusalem. Mereka perlu berdoa karena keputusan yang menyakitkan. Bagaimana kota ini menderita hari ini! ”

Rabbi terbaring diam selama beberapa menit, mengerang sesekali dan mengucapkan beberapa kalimat. Setelah sekitar sepuluh menit, ia mulai berbicara ..

“Kemenangan adalah penting. Mereka akan menang,” akhirnya kata rabbi. “Mereka tidak ingin berdoa, meskipun saya meminta mereka beberapa kali. Apa yang bisa saya katakan kepada orang-orang yang berpikir mereka begitu besar? ”

Pada titik ini, rabi memiliki penglihatan dia bercakap-cakap dengan Nabi Elia. Rabbi Vaknin, yang telah memiliki beberapa penglihatan yang kuat dari Elia, sering berdoa di gua nabi di Haifa. Nabi melihat dia sebagai pemandu spiritual dalam penglihatannya.

Banyak prediksi telah menjadi kenyataan. Pada bulan Oktober 2015, Rabbi Vaknin memiliki penglihatan mengerikan bahwa banyak darah Yahudi akan tumpah di Israel. Tragisnya, penglihatan terbukti akurat. Gelombang kekerasan yang dimulai hanya beberapa minggu sebelum penglihatan yang dilanjutkan dengan meningkatnya intensitas sampai musim panas. Pada waktu itu, ada hampir seribu penusukan, penembakan, dan serangan kendaraan yang melukai lebih dari 650 warga Israel dan menewaskan 47.

“Halo, Nabi Eliyahu (Elia),” Rabbi Vaknin , saat dalam ketidaksadarannya. “Mohon  Elia, bukalah  satu dari lima gerbang bagi mereka di Surga. Siapa tahu mereka ingin lakukan teshuva (penebusan) dan doa, dan berhenti dengan kebohongan dan kepalsuan, sehingga satu pintu akan terbuka bagi mereka. Dan jika mereka tidak bertobat, maka gerbang itu akan tertutup. ”

Rabbi Vaknin menjelaskan penglihatannya pada Gill Nachman, asisten pribadinya

“Nabi Elia datang memberikan pesannya karena waktu kesusahan datang kepada Yerusalem” kata Nachman. “Terdapat 5 Gerbang yang dapat digunakan sebagai jalan ke kemurahan hati  Surga, tetapi hanya satu yang terbuka. Elia membuka gerbang akhir untuk Israel. Dimana terdapat waktu kesusahan di mana darah akan tertumpah, dan dua orang rabbi akan meninggal.”

Penglihatan rabi kemungkinan dihubungkan ke lima gerbang aktual yang memasuki Kuil Pertama dan Kuil Kedua.

“Pada satu titik dalam penglihatan, Rabbi Vaknin bertanya kepada  Elia, “Jika itu adalah gerbang yang baik yang engkau buka, lalu mengapa begitu banyak yang akan mati?'” Rabi menerima pesan yang menjelaskan keadaan yang terlihat kontradiksi ini. “Dia diberitahu bahwa dari sudut pandang kami itu buruk, tapi dari Surga, terlihat baik karena pada akhirnya, akan ada kemenangan besar dan Eliyahu HaNavi (nabi) akan secara jelas tiba.

“Pintu gerbang terbuka, tapi apakah kita pergi melalui gerbang terserah kita. Dia diberitahu bahwa setiap orang perlu berdoa dan bertobat sekarang, ” Nachman menyimpulkan. Kata Elia dari yang besar sampai yang kecil perlu berdoa.” bFpRyrGSPjyjhIdU.99

Gerbang Kemurahan adalah gerbang di mana orang2 memakai materai Yeshua di dahi mereka. Percaya dan menggunakan nama Pencipta yang benar.. Yeshua